The Excellence in 3D Knitting

A completely new category of knitwear that revolutionises

the entire knit supply chain.

WHOLEGARMENT® technology marks a departure from traditional knitting methods, enabling the creation of garments in their entirety without the need for sewing or linking.
This revolutionary approach results in seamless clothing that offers superior comfort, fit, and drapability compared to conventional knitwear. 
By leveraging this innovative technology, Hanbo Textile is able to produce garments that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also inherently more durable and versatile.
Exceptional as a product. Revolutionary in production.

Revolutionising Knitwear: 


Traditionally, knitted garments are constructed from separate pieces—front and back panels, along with sleeves—that are stitched together in the final stages of production.

In stark contrast stands Hanbo Textile's adoption of SHIMA SEIKI's WHOLEGARMENT technology, which enables the creation of knitwear in a single, continuous piece, directly on the knitting machine. This method eliminates the need for costly and labor-intensive post-production work, offering an innovative approach to knitwear that bypasses the need for skilled sewing labor and overcomes complexities associated with traditional sewing methods.

The seam-free construction of WHOLEGARMENT knitwear provides a "second skin" fit and comfort unparalleled in the industry. Coupled with the environmental advantage of utilising only the exact amount of material needed for each garment, WHOLEGARMENT represents the ultimate in ideal knitwear, marrying sustainability with innovation for a truly revolutionary product.



WHOLEGARMENT® is crafted in a three-dimensional knit, perfectly contouring to the body, providing an unmatched fit and comfort that embraces the wearer. 

This innovative approach sets it apart from traditional knitwear, which relies on sewing individual pieces together. The seamless nature of WHOLEGARMENT® allows for the yarn's natural elasticity to envelop the body without any constriction, offering unparalleled comfort. 

Beyond its superior feel, WHOLEGARMENT® represents sustainable fashion that is kind to both the planet and the skin.

Credits: Shima Seiki


In traditional knitwear production, fabric is tailored according to patterns, resulting in pieces that are stitched together. This process inevitably leads to cutting waste and material loss due to seam allowances.


Crafted as a complete piece, this method ensures that no material goes to waste.

The Benefits of WHOLEGARMENT®

Exceptional as a product. 

Revolutionary in production.



  • By eliminating the need to cut pieces from fabric, as seen in traditional knitwear, this approach stands as the pinnacle of eco-friendly knitwear production



  • Without the need for cutting and sewing, time, labor, and energy consumption are significantly reduced.

  • Enabling Just-in-time production.


CO2 Reduction

  • WHOLEGARMENT® knitwear enables production closer to sales markets, thereby reducing the environmental footprint associated with long-distance transportation.


the Supply Chain

Through the integration of SHIMA SEIKI's advanced 3D design system and software with the innovative WHOLEGARMENT flat knitting technology, we accomplish feats beyond the scope of traditional knit production."

Improve planning accuracy and efficiency 

through use of virtual samples

Enable presale events 

for forecasting demand

Minimize post-processing
and reduce lead time

Quick response supports 

mid-season production and customization

Optimized inventory prevents leftover stock

and avoids bargain pricing


by using minimal resources


The symbol of quality that protects from copies and inferior products that claim to be complete garment.

Credits: Shima Seiki

The WHOLEGARMENT Tag design is a simple illustration of a sweater created in a single-stroke, symbolising an entire garment knitted in one piece. Its simple design can be instantly recognizable as the WHOLEGARMENT trademark anywhere in the world.

On the back, a comparison is made between WHOLEGARMENT products and conventional cut-and-sew sweaters, complete with illustration. It also lists major consumer benefits which WHOLEGARMENT has to offer.

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