Merino Wool:

A Natural Wonder

Merino wool is acclaimed globally as the epitome of luxury and comfort among all types of wool. Its unparalleled natural properties set it apart from both natural and synthetic fibers, making it the preferred choice for luxury apparel, high-performance sportswear, and comfortable next-to-skin garments. Merino wool's unique benefits make it a sought-after material for fashion designers and consumers alike, celebrated for its exceptional quality and versatility.

This Noble Fiber is treated and traced with care across all the supply chain.

At Hanbo Textile, our dedication to quality and innovation extends to our meticulous selection of raw materials.

By partnering with the world's finest Merino wool suppliers, we ensure that our textiles not only embody luxury and performance but also reflect our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Our global network of suppliers allows us to bring the best of the textile world to our customers, making each Hanbo Textile product a testament to the beauty and resilience of nature's offerings.

The Global Sourcing of Merino Wool

At Hanbo Textile, we understand the value of premium materials in creating world-class textiles.

While we do not produce wool ourselves, we are committed to sourcing the highest quality Merino wool from trusted global partners.
Our rigorous selection criteria ensure that every batch of Merino wool meets our standards for softness, durability, and environmental sustainability.

The Diversity of Wool

Wool's versatility is showcased in its various types, ranging from ultra-soft fibers that rival cashmere to robust strands suited for durable goods. Classified by micron measurement, the wool types include:

Fine Wool

Produced by Merino sheep, fine wool is celebrated for its softness and is a staple in luxury fashion and fine yarns.

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Medium Wool

This versatile wool, often from Merino or crossbred sheep, is used in a wide array of apparel and home textiles.

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Broad Wool

Known for its durability,

broad wool is ideal for products requiring resilience, like carpets.

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Merino Wool 


Merino wool stands out for its fineness and comfort, offering a softness that can surpass cashmere and a smoothness akin to silk. Its natural scale structure not only provides protection and water resistance but also contributes to the fiber's felting qualities and the luxurious feel of finished products.

Caring for Merino Wool

Merino wool garments are remarkably easy to care for, with many items suitable for machine washing. 

Always refer to the care label, typically permitting washing on a wool or delicate cycle, ensuring the longevity and sustained quality of your Merino wool items.

Sustainability and Production

Merino wool is a testament to sustainable fashion. It is a natural, renewable fiber produced by Merino sheep, primarily sourced from regions known for their ethical and sustainable farming practices. Unlike synthetic materials derived from fossil fuels, Merino wool is produced through eco-friendly processes that emphasize animal welfare, land conservation, and resource efficiency. This commitment to sustainability is evident in the wool's annual regrowth, powered by nature's simple ingredients: sunlight, water, air, and grass.

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