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A Treasure of Fabrics


The pinnacle of luxury,

embodying unparalleled softness and timeless sophistication.

Super Fine Merino Wool

Exquisite in texture and resilience,

setting a new standard for premium knitwear.



A harmonious blend of warmth and versatility,

ideal for crafting enduring classics.

Hanbo Textile

delivers expert OEM textile production,

empowering brands with quality, 

innovation and sustainability

to excel in the global market.

Beauty in Every Thread

Our Collections are available for Wholesale enquires or Partnership Program

Hanbo Textile Co., Ltd. CEO: Park Yong-seong, 159, 

Sagimakgol-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 

(Sangdaewon-dong, Geumgang High-Tech Valley2) Room 202

Business registration number : 218-18-64463 Mail-order business report number : 2022-Seongnam Jungwon-0924

TEL 031-743-4336 | FAX 031-737-4339 | E-MAIL : info@hanbotextile.com